SPUG: recommendations for job sources?

Creede Lambard creede at rrauto.com
Thu Jan 11 10:25:23 CST 2001

My exceptions to that would be:

1. If you really want to work at a place that only or primarily hires
through temp agencies (e.g. M$)

2. If you're just getting started and need someone to hold your hand while
you do.

3. If you just plain would rather have someone else worry about the
logistics of taxes, finding you work, and the like in exchange for less
money than you could get negotiating a job on your own.

I worked for Volt for 3 1/2 years at Microsoft and other places around
Seattle, and it was a good experience for me. I definitely fall into
category #3. (My last job at Volt directly resulted in the position I have

If you go this route you want to be careful in selecting your agency, and
find one that will take the same care in selecting you. You want an agency
that takes the time to screen its applicants and find good fits for them as
opposed to someone whose primary interest is in finding warm bodies to fill
its job orders.

my $opinion = sprintf("my \$%3.2f\n", 1/50);
As always, your mileage may vary.

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> Benjamin Franks wrote:
> > I'm looking part-time or contract based work in the Seattle area for
Perl programming, sys admin, database admin, etc.?  Can anyone recommend
good sources for information or listings?  Any particular web-sites,
temp/placement agencies, etc.?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > --Benjamin
> I'd definitely recommend staying away from temp/placement agencies.  We've
had some terrible experiences bringing people on through these agencies.
(Well, we DID have one good experience).
> For the most part, they seem to troll monster.com and the like for resumes
and then just regurgitate them back to the employers for a 20-40% of a years
salary for a finder's fee.
> My 2 cents,
> Joe

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