SPUG: YAPC::Europe is 8/2-4 in Amsterdam

Daniel James djames at serv.net
Fri Feb 16 01:11:34 CST 2001

On Thu, Feb 08, 2001 at 11:55:28AM -0800, Tim Maher/CONSULTIX wrote:

> > They've finally announced the details of YAPC Europe, at
> > http://www.yapc.org/Europe, and there are flights from Seattle
> > to Amsterdam for as little as $408 today, according to my Yahoo
> > fare-watching service!
> You've gotta watch that fine-print!   On closer scrutiny, the
> $408 fare to Amsterdam expires in April, and I'm seeing numbers
> in the $1.5k range for travel in July/August.  Not so cheap as
> I thought! 8-{  But I'd imagine that one could get a much cheaper
> fare to London (Frankfurt, etc.), and pop over to Amsterdam by
> local transport at a considerable savings over a flight to Amsterdam.

Sorry to spam the list like this, but I thought some of you might be
interested in this little bit I got from US Airways...

Read the fine print and the fares below are only through May, but they do
say there are sale fares available through the end of August.  I've not
tried to book (because I'm not doing a round-trip to Amsterdam) so I have
no idea what those "higher-priced sale" fares are.

Good luck...



                  PURCHASE TICKETS BY FRIDAY FEBRUARY 23, 2001

US Airways is offering special introductory sale fares for customers traveling to Amsterdam and Brussels.  Buy your tickets no later than February 23, 2001. Call US Airways International Reservations at 1-800-622-1015 for details. For value-added vacations packages call US Airways Vacations at 1-800-352-8747 or visit http://www.usairwaysvacations.com
Make your vacation plans today!

*********************** SPECIAL ONLINE DISCOUNT **********************
Purchase these sale fares online at http://www.usairways.com/reservations/index.htm by February 23, 2001 and receive an additional discount of 5%.  To find these fares, simply enter your origin and destination cities, select "My Travel Dates are Flexible" and choose from a list of low fares.

This is just a sample of these great introductory sale fares.  Check http://www.usairways.com/reservations/index.htm for fares from your city.

Sample fares to Amsterdam or Brussels      Fares with 5% Online Discount
Charlotte               $219                         $208
Cleveland               $249                         $237
Denver                  $269                         $256
Hartford/Springfield    $219                         $208
Los Angeles             $249                         $237
Miami                   $199                         $189
New York/La Guardia     $179                         $170
Orlando                 $199                         $189
Philadelphia            $189                         $180
Phoenix                 $249                         $237
Pittsburgh              $199                         $189
Raleigh/Durham          $224                         $213
San Francisco           $249                         $237
Tampa/St. Petersburg    $199                         $189
Washington, D.C.        $199                         $189 

Fares shown are each way based on required roundtrip purchase.  Travel is via US Airways during the travel period specified. Depending upon your travel needs, flights may be available at the same fares, with all or part of the service on regional aircraft operated by US Airways Express carriers Allegheny, Air Midwest, CCAIR, Chautauqua, Colgan Air, Mesa, Piedmont, Potomac Air, PSA or Trans States Airlines.

LOW FARE REQUIREMENTS: Fares are each way based on required roundtrip Economy travel on US Airways or US Airways Express. Tickets become nonrefundable 24 hours after initial reservation, and under certain conditions may be changed for a minimum $150 fee. Tickets must be purchased 7 days in advance of travel and within 24 hours of making reservation, but no later than 2/23/01. Saturday night stay is required. 30-day maximum stay applies. Fares are valid for travel Monday through Thursdays only. Fares for other days are higher. Travel to Amsterdam must commence between 4/11/01 and 5/31/01; higher sale fares are available for travel 6/1/01 through 8/31/01.  Travel to Brussels must commence between 5/9/01 and 6/15/01; higher sale fares are available for travel 6/16/01 through 8/31/01. 
Fares do not include $3-18 airport passenger facility charges, imposed at time of departure, where applicable. Fares do not include international taxes/fees/surcharges of up to $60, and are subject to government approval. Seats are limited or may be sold out during very busy travel times. Seats from Florida are extremely limited during the month of April. Other conditions may apply. Online-Booking Discount: Receive an additional 5% off advertised sale fares (excluding surcharges and international taxes) when you purchase your tickets online at http://www.usairways.com/reservations/index.htm by 2/23/01.

US Airways, US Airways Express, US Airways Shuttle, US Airways Vacations,
MetroJet by US Airways, and E-Savers are service marks of US Airways, Inc.

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