SPUG: Downtown Seattle JoB, Porn Filtering

Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Mon Feb 12 11:36:50 CST 2001

Subject: Seattle JoB, Downtown, Porn Filtering

Job: Lead Developer, Internet Categorization Engine & Database

Required Skills:       see Qualifications below...
Contract or Permanent: Permanent (exempt salary, stock options, health,
                       dental, 401(k), bus commuter vouchers, W-2), apply
                       directly with N2H2, see end of message
Telecommuting:         No, not routinely
Company's Product:     Pornography (actually, filtering services for the
                       Internet for a lot more than just pornography)
Position Title:        Lead Developer, Internet Categorization Engine &
Location:              Downtown Seattle, Washington
Division:              Content Management  
Department:            ICE Development  
Reports To:            Andrew Sweger  

Position Summary: 

The N2H2 Internet Categorization Engine and Database provide the backbone
to the best Internet filters and safe search engines available. We are
dedicated to continually improving the accuracy and reach of our
categorization, taking advantage of new technologies like AI and smart
agents, pushing the envelope in handling massive amounts of dynamic data,
and anticipating the revolutionary changes the Internet brings.

We are looking for a self-starter who has strong collaborative skills with
at least three years of team leadership experience in a technical
capacity. Candidates must be well grounded in software development
processes and have at least six years experience as a software developer.

The successful candidate will also have a proven record in the following

* Excellent use of problem solving skills.
* Clear written and verbal communications.
* Leadership skills.
* Team work.

* Three years minimum experience programming Perl in a Unix environment
  (including module design & implementation, OO Perl, CPAN).
* Two years experience working with databases using ANSI SQL (Transact-SQL
  is a big plus).
* Two years nontrivial programming experience related to UNIX issues
  (signals, daemons, concurrency/locking/threads, shell, file IO, NFS,
  sockets, IPC, POSIX).
* Two years experience using revision control systems (CVS is a plus).
* Two years nontrivial programming experience with standard Internet
  protocols (e.g., TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP, NNTP, SMTP, FTP).
* Big pluses: expertise with Apache, mod_perl, DBI/DBD, LWP, C, C++,
  Debian, other packaging systems.
* Experience in other, similar or varied technologies can meet the
  qualifications if it shows that the candidate can adapt quickly in a
  leading edge Internet content categorization technology environment.

N2H2 offers competitive compensation packages including base salary, stock
options, 401(k) and more. We firmly believe in excellence in our people
and our products, and we value hard work and solid communications.

Opportunity for advancement to Systems Architect or Project Manager.

Submit cover letter and resume to:

N2H2, Inc.
900 4th Ave Suite 3400
Seattle, WA 98164-1059

Fax: (206) 834-1771

Email: jobs at n2h2.com

 Andrew B. Sweger <andy at n2h2.com> |  N2H2, Incorporated
 Manager, ICE Development Dept    |  900 Fourth Avenue, Suite 3400
 Content Management Division      |  Seattle WA 98164-1059
 v=206.336.2947  f=206.336.1541   |  http://www.n2h2.com/

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