SPUG: YAPC::Europe is 8/2-4 in Amsterdam

Doug Beaver doug at beaver.net
Fri Feb 9 12:06:26 CST 2001

On Thu, Feb 08, 2001 at 11:55:28AM -0800, Tim Maher/CONSULTIX wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 08, 2001 at 09:32:25AM -0800, Tim Maher/CONSULTIX wrote:
> > SPUGsters,
> > 
> > They've finally announced the details of YAPC Europe, at
> > http://www.yapc.org/Europe, and there are flights from Seattle to
> > Amsterdam for as little as $408 today, according to my Yahoo
> > fare-watching service!
> You've gotta watch that fine-print!   On closer scrutiny, the
> $408 fare to Amsterdam expires in April, and I'm seeing numbers
> in the $1.5k range for travel in July/August.  Not so cheap as
> I thought! 8-{  But I'd imagine that one could get a much cheaper
> fare to London (Frankfurt, etc.), and pop over to Amsterdam by
> local transport at a considerable savings over a flight to Amsterdam.

I've visited Amsterdam twice, once in August and once in November.   You
should be able to find airfare for US$500-600 if you go through a travel
agent and book more than three weeks in advance.  I went there for a
documentary festival in November and my agent found non-stop tickets
from Seattle for $525 IIRC.  He is nothing special so you should be able
to get a similar deal.  I didn't get the tickets until a few weeks
before I left.  When I flew there two summers ago in August, the tickets
were a little more expensive but less than $700 and they were non-stop
as well.

And if you book with a consolidator, you can get really cheap fares.

My big problem is that I hate flying coach but I'm too cheap to pay for
the better seats.  I always bump elbows and end up sitting next to the
most annoying people on the plane.  When I flew in November, the guy two
seats over from me threatened one of the crew and they threw him off the
plane.  We had already left the gate so it took an extra hour to get
back, unload his luggage, and transport him off the plane.  I always end
up sitting near the weirdos.


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