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Michael R. Wolf MichaelRunningWolf at att.net
Thu Dec 27 09:52:54 CST 2001

Scott Blachowicz <scott at sabami.seaslug.org> writes:

> Except that it DOES get confused by some items, like "here
> scripts"


Heck *I* get confused by here files, so I don't use 'em
unless I really have to.  And then, I use a trick I learned
in shell -- encapsulate the ugliness into a function.  It's
usually some big honkin' string or data structure any way.
Put it in something called get_honkin_ugly_data(), or
get_honkin_ugly_string(), then substitute the function call
for the here file.  Yeah, yeah, it incurs the overhead
of a subroutine call when it runs.  But without it, *I*
incur the overhead of having to parse this big honkin'
expression out of my way while I try to manipulate the code.

IMHO, I'd rather read this code than deal with the here

    printf get_frumptus_fmt(), @args;

    my %honkin = get_honkin_data();

Just cause it's called a "here" file doesn't mean I have
to put it here!!!

Michael R. Wolf
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