SPUG: perltidy HTML colorer

Andrew Sweger andrew at sweger.net
Sat Dec 22 18:51:40 CST 2001

Many editors provide the same service directly on the source code in
questions. vi/vim/Nedit/etc. Of course, they don't clean up your friend's
code like perltidy does. Very handy on code written by those freaks that
use a single space indent. I know you're out there! Picture Charlton
Heston shaking his fist in the air, "Damn you single space indents! Damn
you all to hell!" :)

On Sat, 22 Dec 2001, Geoffrey Grosenbach wrote:

> I can't believe Tim neglected to mention perltidy's incredible "-html" 
> switch that turns sourcecode into colored html (variables one color, 
> functions another, comments another, etc.). I've been going nuts through 
> my hard drive, html coloring all my sourcecode.
>    It seems this would be useful when trying to read someone else's 
> sourcecode, especially if it wasn't commented much.

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