SPUG: Dec. Meeting Tomorrow

Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Mon Dec 17 17:47:52 CST 2001

NOTE:  Due to the "underwhelming" response to the previous 
"Call for Lightning Talks", I'm issuing another along with  
a reminder about tomorrow's meeting.  This is an opportunity
for members to contribute something to the group by sharing
something Perlish you know with the rest of us,  with very
little preparation needed.  'tis better to give than to receive,
so please help out by participating in tomorrow's meeting!



In keeping with the joyful spirit of the holiday season,
the plan for tomorrow's meeting is to have a "Festival
of LIGHTNING TALKS", in which attendees give short
presentations on Perlish topics.  (Don't forget, we're
now meeting at the Safeco building in the U-district).

So far, with zero arm-twisting, we've already got the
following presentations lined up:

* Jay and Henry (no, they don't make Cherry Garcia)
  showing off a program they wrote that does a 2001 Tax
  Return using Perl and TK,

* me giving a talk on
        + the Perltidy beautifier,
        + Damian's Text::Autoformat module, and
        + how to use the latter to augment the
          capabilities of the former

So now I'm asking for more volunteers to talk on other
cool topics! You won't have to spend a lot of time
preparing materials (since the talks are so short), and
nobody will expect a slick presentation. You can just
wave your hands and yak if you want, or else bring a
3.5" VFAT, EXT2, or TAR diskette with stuff to share in
text, HTML, PDF, GIF, or JPG format (for projection from
my laptop).

You can tell us about your favorite module, show us
*your* new module, rant about what's wrong with Perl,
show us glimpses of Perl 6, review a Perl book or
magazine article, complain about the job market for Perl
programmers, tell us what's happening at PerlMonks, or
decipher for us your most cryptic JAPH-.sig.

Come to think of it, if time permits, I might even show
slides of my Spring GeekCruise vacation, and talk about
the upcoming PerlWhirl 2001 in January! Now that's
entertainment! 8-}

Those interested in participating can either post a message
to the list to give us advance notice, or just show up 
ready to talk.

The Lightning Talks that were presented at the
September meeting were very interesting and very well
received, so I'm looking forward to another fun
experience this time. Please join in to "make it so!"

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