SPUG: Shared memory system

Peter Darley pdarley at kinesis-cem.com
Thu Dec 6 15:49:04 CST 2001

	Thanks for the link to mod_perl guide, it's already proven quite useful.
I'd forgotten about the Apache::DBI (tho it doesn't seem to make much of a
difference on this system)
	I'm wanting to cache report data from the database so it's available for
formatting when people request it.  I'd like to have something in-memory, as
I have tons of available memory on this machine, and would like to get some
use out of it;  I would also like to do this somewhat as a learning
	So, I want to be able to share variables between processes without writing
them to disk.
Peter Darley

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If you are running under Apache then consider coding a mod_perl application.

There are many oportunities for caching withing a mod_perl app, and there
are a number of useful modules.

Probably the best place to start is the guide: http://perl.apache.org/guide
There's a lot of information, but it is well worth your while to read
it if you are plan on doing mod_perl coding.

If your question was a little more specific, then I might be able to
give you more precise advice. If you are considering reading
informtation from a database to cache in ram, perhaps that information
belongs in a regular file, and you could let your operating system cache
it in disk buffers. That is often quite fast enough.

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