SPUG: tonights talk - resend with the correct system date

Mark Mertel mark.mertel at home.com
Tue Aug 21 14:45:28 CDT 2001


are there plans for some kind of get together this evening ? I couldn't quite
fathom the consensus - most seemed still floating in some kind of Damien cloud
- and Tims got nothing on tap - nor should he considering he's been carrying
the water most of the time. I know there's been a lot of talk about getting a
hiring manager in (not sure about that title), so un- or under-employed SPUGers
could stay clothed and fed. I'm not a hiring manaber per se, just a fairly
successfuly independent consultant who might be looking to change careers -
used to be a musician and thinking I want it back. The stuff I work on is for a
single client - fortune 500 - keeps me busy, way to busy to do anything else.
Written mostly in PERL, uses Sybase, MQ Series and other little things. I am
currently interested in finding someone to take some of the load so that I can
take a couple of steps back and see where I'm going. This would have to someone
I could trust, basically, with my life and livelihood, as it is a long rode to
a for-profit musical career. I would be willing to talk to anyone in the
group about this if there is interest.

Mark Mertel
mark.mertel at home.com

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