SPUG: Holy lodestones, Batman!...

Andrew Sweger andrew at sweger.net
Tue Aug 21 03:10:54 CDT 2001

...It's a giant magnet.

So, has everyone recovered from Damian's visit? Did you know that we have
a regular SPUG meeting scheduled for this evening? What's the topic? Who's
leading? What's going on? Are we all feeling froopy? Where's my towel?

I was just on the phone yesterday evening with a fellow SPUG'er speaking
in conspiratorial tones about possible discussions and conversations for
future meetings and where and when to have them. It seems that the
existence of tonight's meeting completely slipped our minds (it certainly
slipped mine).

So, barring the appearance of a really compelling topic (or a compelling
speaker with a wacky topic) for tonight, perhaps we gather and discuss the
state of the Internet, what business it can realistically support, how to
find gainful employment without selling our souls, and how to git filthy
rich off all the free money floating around out there. I think the meeting
room is big enough to support three or four separate conversations.

If you didn't get the lodestone -> magnet reference, please report to the
headmaster.  If you still believe that there is free money floating around
out there, please report your head to a bucket of water. If you have a
bucket of money and are looking for someplace to put it, please report
(bucket in tow) to me.

(By the way, don't put bogus zone files in your local name server for
pm.org. It makes it very diffucult for your MTA to deliver email to the
list. Tsk, tsk, tsk.)

Andrew B. Sweger -- The great thing about multitasking is that several
                                things can go wrong at once.

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