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Daryn Nakhuda daryn at marinated.org
Mon Aug 20 21:41:35 CDT 2001

On Mon, 20 Aug 2001, Jonathan Woodard wrote:

> <IMG
> SRC="http://logserver.mega-merc.com/nullpic.gif?type=catalog&sku=bear089
> ">
> In this example, logserver.mega-merc.com points to the logging servers.
> Then, instead of parsing through the front end servers' logs, you just
> go through the logging servers'  logs.  They'll have only http get calls
> to the transparent image, along with whatever metadata you embed in the
> get call parameters to the image.  In this example, you'd see a catalog
> page hit for sku bear089.
> In our case, parsing through smaller logs would be very useful - we
> collect over 20 GB of IIS logs daily, coming from several geographic
> locations and many servers.  Of course Perl handles this data

it's called grep :) 

just kidding, but rather than take that approach, you could just have the
"gif" be a cgi script (or whatever), and do the logging from there into a
database and have it be much more realtime than parsing through the

There are advantages to serving the images off a different server: reduce
load, take advantage of caching, etc..., but as far as logging is
concerned if you have the infrastructure parsing the data going in is
probably advantageous, whether on a seperate box or not. 

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