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Ken McGlothlen mcglk at artlogix.com
Mon Aug 20 21:03:36 CDT 2001

Doug Beaver <doug at beaver.net> writes:

| Ah.  Although doubleclick would only know what ads you saw if the images
| were served from doubleclick servers or if CNN was sending doubleclick
| information after they parsed their logs.

It's almost always the former.  CNN has no need to host the webbug, because
you're loading their document; they have a record.  It's the aggregators that
are the big privacy problem.

| Me too.  That and protection from email virii/worms.

Amen.  :)

| It has an option under the images tab where you force mozilla to only request
| images from the domain you're currently viewing.  I bet that helps with
| external bugs (i.e., served from doubleclick or akamai) a lot.

Yes, but unfortunately, akamai also carries a lot of actual content-oriented
images.  This is why regex blocking is better than site-wide blocking.

| I wonder if there is an ORBS-like list for web bug servers...

Not exactly.  junkbuster.org doesn't provide much of a block file.  Try a
Google search; quite a few come up with this query:


| Anybody have any other tips or tricks for detecting web bugs?

Stay informed.  That's the main thing.  Investigate suspicious GIFs, and axe
'em.  For example, here's my OmniWeb privacy preferences:


Works pretty well.

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