SPUG: True SPUGster networking?

Showell30 at aol.com Showell30 at aol.com
Tue Aug 14 09:27:58 CDT 2001

I humbly propose that the best speaker for the SPUG hiring meeting is no 

The recent discussions on this list demonstrate that SPUGsters can generate 
and refine ideas in a fruitful and civil manner.  So, a meeting that is just 
talking among SPUGsters could really inspire job seekers (and job holders 

On the other hand, the discussions on this list tend to get too abstract.   
Job seekers need to talk about specific things they want to do in Perl.  Job 
holders should talk about specific things they are doing in Perl.  Actually, 
I don't really care whether they are doing things in Perl (others on list 
might be offended, but good discussions can be taken offline after the first 
couple posts), but it is important to BE SPECIFIC.

What are people working on in their down time?  

Right now, I am taking a program that I had written in Perl to post pictures 
in web, and I'm rewriting it in Python (blasphemy).  I know that there are 
lots of existing solutions on the web for picture posting, but they have 
shortcomings and drawbacks.   I had resisted Python for a long time, but 
after using it, I have to admit that I'm no so quick to defend all of Perl's 

Overall trends that I would like to see people talk about are the following:

   1) How can Perl be used for consumer video applications?
   2) How can Perl community enable small businesses to really use technology 

Finally, I think we should continue the discussion about how to make money in 
Perl when so much good code is free.  It's easy to dismiss this generally 
good thing when you're still working, but when you're jobseeking, it can be 
really frustrating that good ideas don't necessarily equate to revenue or 
paying your bills.  I am convinced that if you want to make money in Perl on 
your own, you have to write a book.

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