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Ken McGlothlen mcglk at artlogix.com
Tue Aug 14 07:10:00 CDT 2001

"Kevin Watt" <kevin at economyart.com> writes:

| Many successful sites on the web are made of teams of 2 or 3 people, or at
| least less than 20.  That is all that advertising revenue or small
| subscription costs can support.

Actually, advertising revenue these days can't usually support one person.
It's got to be a subscription-based or a product-based model for the most part.

| I think there are still MANY ideas out there, we just have to be creative
| enough to find them.  We're programmers - where's the creativity?

Heh.  Most people who are in a position to provide funding don't want
creativity.  That's the irony of venture capital.  VCs want slaves in pursuit
of very simple ideas, and if they aren't creative themselves, few will see the
value in really creative ideas.

Which is why I'm funding my startup game company out of pocket.  I don't
recommend it to everyone, though---it's scary and stressful.

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