SPUG: Re: Disillusioned Programmers (Was: Does Perl Scale?

Richard Anderson Richard.Anderson at raycosoft.com
Tue Aug 14 01:17:24 CDT 2001

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From: "Ken McGlothlen" <mcglk at artlogix.com>
> Maybe.  I suspect it's more that programming and politics are separate
> (though I'm sure communication is part of the broader picture).  It's one
> the reasons I've developed quite a distaste about working for other people
> these days.  Too often, I'm seen perfectly good ideas (yes, sometimes my
> but not always) shot down over politics or stupidity.  I don't mind
> shooting down something I say when I'm actually *wrong*, but far too
> potshots are being delivered by people that don't know what they're
> about, and unwilling to think it through.  It made me crazy until I
> learned to stop caring about what I was doing---and that doesn't make for
> good projects, IMHO.
"Learning to stop caring about what I was doing" seems like a professional
cop-out to me.  I've worked with some ignorant people and (more frustrating)
some fairly intelligent people who acted stupidly.  I try to focus on:

1. Since it's the client's/management's money, it is their priviledge to
waste it if they want to.
2. As long as I am engaged in activities that enhance my career and keep
management happy, I'm happy.
3. If the company's checks aren't bouncing and I am being treated
reasonably, I feel obligated do do my best as a professional.

Having seen some large projects and organizations crash and burn, I never
get too concerned about other people's technical errors.  I see my role as
providing entertainment for management.  Few managers like working with
subordinates that are smarter than they are and make a point of reminding
of it.


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