SPUG: Thanks, Evolution, & finding Perl work

dancerboy dancerboy at strangelight.com
Fri Aug 10 22:58:47 CDT 2001

At 7:34 PM -0700 8/10/01, Kevin Watt wrote:
>Perhaps we should look into forming some sort of co-op or groups to compete
>for contracts on the many web-based sites designed for this (of which the
>urls I can't find right now... perhaps someone can remember them).

Maybe all of us unemployed Perl programmers should just get together 
and start our own company.  Anyone got an extra business model laying 
around?  :)

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>Andrew Sweger
>  I do sympathize
>with Dave Cross' (of London.pm) essay to keep the newbies and wannabies

Do you have a link to this?  It sounds interesting, and I couldn't 
find it on a google search (unless you're referring to his "Modest 
Proposal" essay on the Londom.pm site?  but the gist of that essay 
seemed to me to be exactly the opposite...)


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