SPUG: Thanks, Evolution, & finding Perl work

Andrew Sweger andy at sweger.net
Fri Aug 10 03:16:20 CDT 2001

I just want to thank all the folks that helped this evening with the setup
and take down for the meeting. Especially John, Alyssa, and C.J., Thank
you. That was a great presentation, Damian. Thank you again. I'm sure I
can hand compile just about any bit of Perl code now.

To all my friends out there that thought the weather was too nice today or
felt they had to work or had to wait for the DSL technician to call back,
tsk tsk. How can you live with the regret? :)

The post-meeting socializing was great. I am more convinced than ever that
things like Perl and Open Source and especially the *people* that are
involved will have a deep influence on this village Earth. I do sympathize
with Dave Cross' (of London.pm) essay to keep the newbies and wannabies
out. But I think that spreading our ideas and values to enough people
(critical mass) will bring about profound changes in the world. It's time
for Earth to evolve.

There seem to be a few folks looking for work. I'd like to propose a topic
for an upcoming regular SPUG meeting. What's the level of interest for a
meeting on how to find your next Perl job? What would make a good meeting
format for this topic? What special guest(s) would be useful?

Andrew B. Sweger -- The great thing about multitasking is that several
                                things can go wrong at once.

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