SPUG: Data::Denter

Brian Ingerson briani at activestate.com
Fri Apr 27 02:55:49 CDT 2001


Well I just wanted to say that I'm no longer a one module wonder :) 

Data::Denter has been uploaded to CPAN. Think "Data::Dumper meets
Python". It's actually quite useful. Check it out.

>From the README:

Data::Denter - An alternative to Data::Dumper and Storable.


Data::Denter is yet another Perl data serializer/deserializer. It
formats nested data structures in an indented fashion. It is optimized
for human readability/editability, safe deserialization, and
(eventually) speed. 

NOTE: It may be optimized for Python programmers too, but please don't
hold that against me ;)

It exports 2 functions: C<Indent()> and C<Undent()> for serialization
and deserialization respectively. It handles all of the commonly
serializable Perl data types, including: scalars, hash refs, array refs,
scalar refs, ref refs, undef, and blessed references. It can even
properly handle circular and duplicate references.


    use Data::Denter;
    print Indent bless {foo => 42, 
                        bar => [ 'happy', undef, [], 'sad' ],
                        baz => "Bozo the Clown",
                       }, "Small::Example";


        baz => Bozo the Clown
        bar => @
        foo => 42


For more information on Data::Denter, see 'perldoc Data::Denter'.

Please send questions and comments to "Brian Ingerson" <INGY at cpan.org>

Copyright (c) 2001, Brian Ingerson. All Rights Reserved.  

Cheers, Brian

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