SPUG: New to list and needing some serious assistance

Susanne Bullo sweetsue at sweethomes.com
Wed Apr 25 21:23:51 CDT 2001

A good person pointed me to this list.  I am no expert in things perl but I do know a bit.  At least I thought I did until I came across a program that I cannot tame.  I have a project due tomorrow and it hinges on this particular program.  Are there any among you that would be willing to sacrifice a few hours tonight?  I'm more than willing to pay as I'm getting down to the wire and need this fixed.

Very briefly, it's a program that does formmail functions but has a lot of extra features that I need - converts to pdf file, cc's and bcc's and writes to a mysql database.  My problem lays in the config files that go with it, I can't seem to get it correct.


Susanne Bullo
Sweet Homes Web Services
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