SPUG: Word boundry regex treated differently by 5.6 and 5.005033

Ben Burnett benwa at ocentrix.net
Wed Apr 25 14:35:04 CDT 2001

Hey all,

I noticed something that seems strange.  I ran the following
script on two machines.  One of them running 5.00503 and one
running 5.6 (full details attached) and got two different


use strict;

my $text = "Charles Bronson";

$text =~ s/\B\w//g;

print "here it is: $text\n\n";

output on 5.6 was:	here it is: Cals Bosn
output on 5.00503 was:	here it is: C B

I appears as though 5.00503 is getting rid of all \w
characters in the string that aren't preceded by a word
boundary(which is what I expected), while 5.6 is removing
every other \w character in each word.
I couldn't see anything obvious in perldelta that would
indicate that the two versions should treat this
differently.  Does anyone know why this might happen?

- Ben

P.S. Joydesk doesn't lend itself well to pasting wide lines
of text so i've attatched the full details of my perl
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