SPUG: Filehandle undefined error

Wegley, Harry L Harry.Wegley at pss.boeing.com
Thu Apr 12 17:46:38 CDT 2001

I just inherited the maintenance of a Perl program that has been running for several years
in a production environment. It began misbehaving a couple of days ago. I cannot seem
to pinpoint the problem. Nothing has changed with regard to this program except for the 
input data that causes the text file, $customerList, to be generated. Here's what the 
problem section of code does:

 if (! open(CUSTLIST,"< $customerList"))  {
    ... handle the error
while (<CUSTLIST>) {

    ...process the file


The program terminates after processing part of the file. The program terminates with the 
following error:
Can't use an undefined value as a symbol reference at /bin/glatest.pl line 761, <CUSTLIST> chunk 190.

Line 761 has no obvious relationship with the problem. Does anyone have any idea what kinds 
of errors might cause CUSTLIST to become undefined (or otherwise produce the observed error)?  

Harry Wegley

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