SPUG: building perl under windows w/free compiler

Steffen Beyer sb at sdm.de
Fri Sep 29 05:01:38 CDT 2000

Hello Showell30 at aol.com, in a previous mail you wrote:

> Has any one built Perl under Windows 98 with a free compiler?  I want to use 
> Data::Locations, and I have been told that ActiveState has not compiled a 
> binary for the module that is compatible with its Perl 5.6 binary.  I don't 
> have cash to buy my own copy of Visual C++.  I think my best option is to 
> find a free compiler and build my own Perl, but I wonder what pitfalls that 
> solution may have. 
> Thanks,
> Steve
> P.S.  Sorry if this is common query--deja.com is overloaded tonight.

Another possible solution would be if anybody had ActivePerl 5.6 as well as
MS VC++ 6.0, he could build the module, pack together the build directory
(with "blib" subdirectory and all) and send it to you.

Unfortunately I don't use ActivePerl myself (but I have MS VC++ 6.0).
How much time does it cost to install it?
(I have virtually no free time at the moment, alas, otherwise I'd do it)

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