SPUG: Windows Newbie Needs Help

Creede Lambard creede at rrauto.com
Thu Sep 28 13:02:46 CDT 2000

You can use


as your shebang line under Windows if you like. I haven't looked at the code
to be sure, but as far as I can tell Windows just looks for 'perl' in the
line and then starts interpreting switches (like -w).

Usually I just go ahead and use the Unix-style shebang because (1) it's one
less thing to remember and (2) I like to be able to have my scripts run on
either Unix or Windows whenever possible.

Just my $point_zero_two.

-- Creede

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> Bogdan,
> There is an EXCELLENT Perl book for new programmers:  "Elements of
> Programming With Perl" by Andrew L. Johnson (no relation), published by
> Manning Press.  (Amazon reviews at
> 1686649-5448866)  Unlike most books on Perl, this book assumes no prior
> programming experience.  The only thing that he misses in the early going
> is that the "shebang" line under Windows is
> #! perl
> (if the perl directory is in your path environment variable) instead of
> #! /user/bin/perl
> (specifically pointing to the perl directory) for most versions of Unix.
> In addition to discussing Perl, the book is full of practical information.
> The first couple of chapters go over general topics such as variable
> style, structuring for readability, comments, and developing programs.  He
> covers installing the ActiveState port of Perl (this will set your path
> variable correctly).  A later chapter describes installing modules from
> CPAN.  Manning maintains a nice Web site for the book, which has a
> discussion/ask-the-author forum.  I posted some questions on a topic and
> the author usually replied by the next day.
> I've seen this book at both Borders and Barnes & Noble, so you can check
> out before you buy.  In my opinion, this book is better for beginners than
> "Learning Perl for Win32 Systems,"  because "Learning Perl" really assumes
> prior programming experience.  You will probably want to get it later,
> though, because it IS a very good book.
> Best of luck!
> Lorraine  (<1 year at Perl)

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