SPUG: A little style question....

Stephen Nickels snickels at u.washington.edu
Tue Sep 19 17:25:51 CDT 2000

I've got a quasi-perl, quasi-programming-style question for y'all.
I've gone back and forth with a friend of mine on this one, so I thought
I'd get some more professional opinions. My question is: here docs, good
or bad?

$output =<<TEXT;
Blah blah blah $variable blah blah

I consider them a very helpful part of programming, especially web
scripting, allowing you to either output or save to an output variable
large pieces of formatted and interpolated text; they're great for
outputting html. My friend, however, considers them the spawn of the
underworld, believing that all good programs should work exactly the same
after having all groups of spaces and/or newlines replaced with a single
space. (aka, $code =~ s/[\s\n]+/ /g;) Line-delimited things like here docs
break this rule of his quite severly.

So what are some of the general opinions of perl-mongers out there? Are
here docs a useful addition to programming languages, or are they bad

Thanks a lot!

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					-Leonardo da Vinci

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