SPUG: Re: Perl and HTML

Ken McGlothlen mcglk at serv.net
Fri Oct 27 21:10:12 CDT 2000

| I'd like to be able to do exactly what you've specified, but not with
| bloody XSL.  I like perl...I like it's regrex...I like it's speed and
| simplicity.  It should be possible to format XML into whatever you want in
| perl instead of using XSL using some nifity and handy perl modules.

Well, I'd be fine with that, as long as I could declare it all in the XML
documents, and have a convenient "makemake" command.  Something like
Engelschall's WML


for XML would be fine, though WML seems very Tinkertoyed together and is pretty
much inextricable from HTML at this point.  Syntax checking would have to be
part of this (using XML DTDs), though; that's kind of hard to avoid for
compatibility's sake.  It'd be nice if the HTML output could be checked for
browser compatibility (warnings if using table-cell backgrounds for pre-3.0
browsers, for example) depending on command switches, for example. . . .

Y'know, I wouldn't even mind contributing funds to this sort of project, if
some SPUGger wanted to do it, and there were enough people interested and
willing to pitch in. . . .

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