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Showell30 at aol.com Showell30 at aol.com
Tue Oct 24 10:59:17 CDT 2000

Since Jason has opened up the topic of Perl and HTML, I will throw my two 
cents in.  

I am working on a project where I have a bunch of web pages with 
family/vacation photos that I need to tie together, giving them common 
look-and-feel, common table of contents, etc.

I considered a template approach, and decided against it for a a couple 

1) If your template solution does not have an "include" feature, it can be 
difficult to reuse HTML.
2) If you do use the "include" feature, you can quickly have a bunch of files 
hanging around, which gets to be a mess after a while.  
3) I've done template solutions before that were ugly (non-Perl, though).
4) I think of data first, presentation second, so templates just seemed wrong 
for my coding psychology.
5) This is a personal project, so I can afford to be lazy and wrong about it. 

Anyway, I decided to use HTML::Subs and HTML::Entities instead.  I have found 
those to be very smooth sailing.  Here is what I like:

1) Code is prettier -- no matching of start and end tags (although some would 
argue matching parens is just as bad).
2) Reuse scheme is more Perlish to me.  If I have a cool way of laying out a 
table, I share it by making a subroutine to return the table widget, whereas 
a template solution might lend itself to having an include file.
3) My approach does not preclude templates in the future.  I do 90% of my 
HTML through Perl subroutines, but sometimes it's easier just to code up a 
little raw HTML, and I either do that as a here document, or I slurp it in 
from a file, and then I use HTML::TreeBuilder to stick it into my 
HTML::Entities tree.  

Having said all this, I must say that a friend of mine has done a very 
similar project w/posting photos to the web, and he went the template 
approach.  He went with (gasp) ASP, and I must say, his code looks pretty 
clean and maintainable.  Also, at the last SPUG meeting, the slashcode guy 
says that they have been happy with the template solution.  Even so, I am 
content with my non-templates solution.

If you do go the Subs/Entities route, here are some headaches that you might 

1) Tr for table rows can trip you up, if you don't realize it's a reserved 
word in Perl.  This is well documented, but I got tripped up on it any way.
2) It seems hard to get &nbsp's into the page, without them being 
overtranslated.  The workaround is easy, though.
3) Mixing raw HTML into the Subs/Entities data structure was tough for me at 
first.  In the end, I wrote like a three line function that used TreeBuilder 
to solve the problem, but I wish this had been documented better, or if there 
is an even simpler way, I wish it were documented more clearly.

One last thought for Jason -- check out the Data::Locations module.  Even if 
you don't use it for HTML, it's great food for thought. 

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