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Keith Aaron keith at photoworks.com
Mon Oct 16 12:27:40 CDT 2000

I posted the original question via one of the mailto links on ActiveState's
website, and tried to elicit more info by replying via the mailto link
Victor provides, but it always comes back as undeliverable ... so I'm
posting the query to the group:


This is good onfo, and I thank you very much ... but I have a couple more
questions [I'm a *real* neophyte at this]: 

-how would I know (or find out) that Net::FTP translates to the 'libnet'
-is there some sort of lookup available? 

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ppm remove <package-name> 
ppm install <package-name> 

In your case: 

ppm remove/install libnet. 

Source code should be available off CPAN. 


Victor Sira 

> How do I go about installing (or re-installing) a specific module/package 
> (eg, Net::FTP)? 
> While we're at it, how do I look at the newest source for Net::FTP to see
> the bug I've encountered is fixed?  
> -I don't know whether this bug was even reported; I just fixed it in the 
> source I downloaded 
> -Also, I didn't find a bug report with the text I searched for, but I'm
> sure I searched correctly 
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