SPUG: Re: FTP Problems

Brian Ingerson briani at activestate.com
Sun Oct 15 22:03:19 CDT 2000

Richard Anderson wrote:
> Perl's fork function did not work on Windows as of last year, but
> ActiveState
> has been working on this.  Check their latest release - it may be fixed.

Perl supports fork emulation on Windows as of 5.6.0. Read 'perldoc
perlfork', the top of which is shown below:

       perlfork - Perl's fork() emulation

       Perl provides a fork() keyword that corresponds to the
       Unix system call of the same name.  On most Unix-like
       platforms where the fork() system call is available,
       Perl's fork() simply calls it.

       On some platforms such as Windows where the fork() system
       call is not available, Perl can be built to emulate fork()
       at the interpreter level.  While the emulation is designed
       to be as compatible as possible with the real fork() at
       the the level of the Perl program, there are certain
       important differences that stem from the fact that all the
       pseudo child "processes" created this way live in the same
       real process as far as the operating system is concerned.

       This document provides a general overview of the
       capabilities and limitations of the fork() emulation.
       Note that the issues discussed here are not applicable to
       platforms where a real fork() is available and Perl has
       been configured to use it.

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