SPUG: FTP Problems

rathmore at bb12.betterbox.net rathmore at bb12.betterbox.net
Fri Oct 13 11:44:01 CDT 2000

I posted a similar questions to clpm, got a few suggestions but nothing
that seems to satisfy my real problem. I'm going to post a summary of my
question hear, hoping that it better explains what I need. And, btw, I'm a
newbie to Perl, and I'm writting a program to run on NT.

I'm having trouble with Net::FTP in that about 1 out of 5 times that I'm
FTPing some files, my Perl program hangs. I don't get a time out, it just
stops in the middle of downloading a file. This is a behind the scenes
process so no one will be able to monitor it and do anything about it if
it hangs.

Can I write something into the program to monitor the FTP process and if
it doesn't complete in a given time frame, restart the FTP process? How
would something like that look?


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