SPUG: Modules - more than one object in file?

Todd Wells toddw at wrq.com
Wed Oct 11 10:26:41 CDT 2000

I'm creating a module which uses some other objects internally, so I have
multiple package statements in the same .pm file to define these other
objects.  Is there a good reason why I shouldn't do this?  I'd prefer to
keep it all in one file.  However, I'm having a problem which I think is

I have my module all in one file that contains 3 package statements, for
objects A, B and C.  e.g.:

package A;
sub new { blah }
sub log { fooblah }

package B;
@ISA = sq ( A );
sub new { blahblah }

package C;
sub new { moblah }

However, when I call 

$pack_b = B->new();
$pack_b->log("foobar"),  I get: 

Can't locate package "A" for @B::ISA at A.pm line 274.
Can't locate package "A" for @B::ISA at A.pm line 274.
Can't locate object method "log" via package "B" at A.pm line 274.
Can't locate package "A" for @B::ISA.

At the moment, my package "A" is just A.pm sitting in the same directory as
the program which calls it.

Is there a way to make this work or am I forced to put objects A, B and C in
separate files?


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