SPUG: Eastside Perl Update

Asim Jalis ajalis at xenon.cobaltgroup.com
Sat Oct 7 20:29:16 CDT 2000

Tim Maher has informed me I have just been enthroned the new ESPUG
"Emperor". [Trumpets blare.] :-)

Before the merriment and festivities begin I would like to make a few

The most important thing for right now is to re-start our monthly Eastside
meetings, which we all miss sorely.

We'll continue to meet every 4th Wednesday of the month at Lucent's
Redmond offices, near the Redmond Town Center. I'll send out detailed
directions with the official announcement the week of the meeting.

We are still looking for speakers. So you are interested let me know. Here
are some reasons you want to do this.

If you are looking for a Perl job or are a freelance Perl contractor
speaking at these meetings is an excellent way to show everyone how
clever you are and how much they want to hire you.

If your company needs Perl people you can put subliminal recruiting
messages in your slides and thereby implant them into the brightest Perl
minds in the area.

If you already have the perfect job but have noticed recently that your
close friends don't get your clever Perl jokes and subtle regexp humor,
this is an excellent time to replace them with brand new Perl friends.
Again the best way to do this is to give a talk at our meeting.

So this is a great opportunity to improve your life in a lot of different

You can talk about some cool Perl module or application that you have
recently stumbled upon. Or you can present some sections from a Perl
book. Or you could talk about how you have used Perl to create cool
stuff. Another interesting presentation could be how to write a module
for CPAN, and the mechanics of preparing it for submission, submitting
it, and updating it.

I am just thinking out aloud here. You can talk about anything that you
want and that you think other Perl folks might be interested in.

Hurry before all the speaking slots are taken in the mad stampede
this message is sure to generate :-)

Feel free to send me e-mail to discuss presentation ideas.


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