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Thu Oct 5 14:01:13 CDT 2000

Andre McDowall, in an immanent manifestation of deity, wrote:
>Anyone know of a Perl or CGI script (or any script for that matter) that
>can transfer files from one server to another? And if possible, unzip a
>zipped file? The first part is more important (the transfer of files).

You could look at the code in CPAN.pm, distributed with Perl to see how
it does it.  Generally, it uses Net::FTP or LWP to transfer the file and
then Compress::Zlib to uncompress it.  From there, it then pulls out
what it needs with Archive::Tar.

I've also heard rumors of a module implementing the rsync protocol.
CPAN says to contact Lee Eakin <leakin at dfw.nostrom.com> if you're
interested in that...

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