SPUG: Python Instructor Needed, Bellevue

Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Fri Nov 3 22:12:07 CST 2000

According to Chris Fischer:
> Hi,
> I'm passing along this information to all interested parties:

> The Continuing Education Dept. at Bellevue Community College is
> currently looking for a person who is fluent in Python to teach a class
> Winter Quarter. Previous teaching experience is preferred, but not

As the SPUG leader, I'll pass this info on to the Seattle Perl Users Group
membership; if we've got any Python people lurking on our list (of nearly
400 readers), maybe this will help us get rid of them! 8-}


> BTW, continuing education instructors at BCC make $60/hr., not too
> shabby. Please pass this info. along to anyone you think might be
> interested.
> Thanks!
> Chris Fischer
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I suspect you're thinking of that hourly rate in typical contract
programming terms, where you get paid for each hour of work.
In educational circles, that kind of figure is typically predicated on
actual "contact hours" (i.e., the hours of in-class presentations), and
with the typical ratio of preparation time to presentation time being
upwards of 3/1, that $60 figure is effectively less than $15/hour.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a former CS professor myself and a gung-ho
supporter of higher education, but if you look at the revenues taken in
by classes of this type, the instructor is typically only receiving a
one-digit percentage of the total figure, which, IMHO as a professional
software instructor for most of the last two decades, is not enough.

(And I didn't even figure in the additional unpaid "office hours" for
meeting with students, which would further degrade the hourly rate!)

So by all means, if you want to help people learn Python, look into this
opportunity, but don't quit your day job to do it! 8-}

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