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Mon Mar 27 16:15:06 CST 2000

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> Subject: PLSQL Tables (Arrays)
> contrary to my belief that this was supported, I found that we were not
> doing it. 
> however, I know it is possible, as my DBA let me know that he had been
> involved in accessing these tables from C/C++ (using the oracle C api). It shouldn't
> be a hard thing to write an XSUB extension to make this possible in perl.
> --Christopher 

Thanks for checking.

Support for oracle pl/sql tables would be nice to have.
Please let me know if you implement something or see it done anywhere.
Right now, we've got a few other projects under tight, close deadlines
 so we won't be doing anything with this right now.

I'm not clear on whether it could be done cleanly as a separate module from DBI
 or if it would be best to incorporate it into DBI/DBD::Oracle.

We haven't done anything with xsub'ing, yet...
our systems admin guy might've done some stuff with xsub or swig though.

As far as we know, Java and Powerbuilder contain no support for PL/SQL tables.
ColdFusion's the only tool we've seen support them, and it doesn't do it very well.

Raleigh, NC

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