SPUG: Saving to DOS file mode from Linux

Sanford Morton smorton at pobox.com
Sun Mar 26 10:46:17 CST 2000

I'm using LWP to download some binary files (some Debian packages)
from the net to a linux box, which I'll then want to transfer to a MS
Windows machine. There's something about \r, \n that makes binaries
incompatible between the two, which
  open FILE ...
  binmode FILE; 
is supposed to take care of. This doesn't work for me, since binmode
writes in Linux format on a Linux box, but I want it to be saved in
DOS format. 

Can I fool binmode to think it's a DOS machine or is there another way
to save DOS format binaries? I prefer to do this inside the perl
script, but a post processor would work.

Mucho Thx,

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