SPUG: 2 Years of SPUGery; the Damian Cometh!

Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Fri Mar 17 14:39:07 CST 2000


Hard to believe that the first ever SPUG meeting was St. Patrick's
Day, 1998!  We had a good turnout too, about 25 people who were
more interested in banding together with other Perl'ers than in
drinking green beer (although some of the attendees found time to
do that too, later in the evening).

A few days after our inaugural meeting, Larry Wall himself addressed
our group, leading some to later opine that:
	"It's all been downhill since then"  8-} 
(but see below for a surprise!)

Now we've grown to two "Chapters", Westside and Eastside, with
two monthly meetings!  Other SPUG leaders whine about insufficient
turnouts at meetings, but our biggest problem thus far has been
insufficient meeting spaces for our turnouts! 8-}

We must be doing something right!  But we mustn't get complacent,
or we'll stagnate - along those lines, I'm happy to announce
that, after a bit of arm-twisting I've been able to get Damian
Conway (author of the marvelous "Object Oriented Perl" book) to
tentatively agree to visit us shortly after July 4th; we're
still negotiating the "ground-rules" for the event, but it seems
likely that we SPUGers will eventually get to cast votes for
different ideas about what we'd like to have him do at the meeting
(answer book questions, give summaries of his YAPC (by then, past)
and TPC (future) talks, etc.).  More on this later . . .

The expenses for this anticipated visit by Damian are to be
underwritten by a new corporate sponsor, who actually approached
SPUG and offered to spend money to help our group!  They are
"NeoInformatics", a downtown Seattle company developing web-based
database systems, using Perl, Linux, and Oracle.  They're nice
people, and hungry to hire more Perl Programmers!

An announcement of their Perl job-openings was posted to
this list recently; to apply, send your information to:
	resume at neoinformatics.com

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everybody, and thanks for helping
make SPUG such a successful organization!


P.S. Still looking for someone to lead the discussion on the
"File Access" Cookbook chapter for the April meeting.

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