SPUG: Perl Programmers, Downtown Seattle- needed

Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Thu Mar 9 17:03:26 CST 2000

NeoInformatics develops authoritative, informational databases which
continue to grow over time. These databases are created to be used as
content on websites. Creating the world's most authoritative information
resources is exciting work! What can your role be? Because we're growing
fast, our people are growing fast, too. When we hire a new team member, we
don't look at just what they can do now, but what they may be able to do
down the road with the right training and mentoring. We'll be needing lots
of different skills as we continue to grow (not just technical ones!). So at
NeoInformatics, you can have a role in creating the world's most
authoritative information resources, but you could also find a great
opportunity to grow yourself!

Perl Programmers - perl/cgi programming experience, ideally creating
database driven web pages.

Lead Perl Programmers - you'll be involved in all aspects of product
development including major design decisions.  Requires outstanding time
managment, customer service and perl programming skills.  Perl programming
and database experience required, preferably in a web environment.

We're a new company, with great benefits and more opportunities to come, we
prefer long-term employees but will consider contracts (W2 or 1099 as
appropriate).  We offer competitive pay based on experience, a comprehensive
benefits package that competes with (and beats!)larger companies.

Check us out at www.neoinformatics.com - we're located in historic Seattle
Tower, we offer a  flexible work environment and having fun is one of our
guiding principles.

Send your resume (along with a sample of your code if possible) to
resume at neoinformatics.com

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