SPUG: Needs CGI Help

Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Fri Jun 30 20:36:25 CDT 2000

>I have created some cgi/perl scripts from CGI/Perl Cookbook. (a book with 
>numerous templates). (I am not a programmer).
>I spoke with Tim Maher and he suggested this approach may be antiquated and 
>that I post a request here to meet with somebody (for a fee of course) who 
>is up on Perl and CGI Scripting.

To elaborate a bit, Ken has built a web page using "recipes" taken
from a book, that use "formmail" and its relatives as the underlying
CGI programs  (I vaguely remember this program and its friends,
from back around '94-95, if memory serves).  

He's finding that this approach forces him to create complicated
HTML pages, and it's driving him crazy 8-}  (We CGI.pm'ers would
just write a "two-mode" Perl program, that would create the initial
HTML form and also process submissions from it.)

He's never heard of CGI.pm, and, not being a programmer, but rather
a "cook", he wouldn't know what to do with it anyway!

So he needs some help. Maybe somebody could re-write his application
using CGI.pm, through a generic program that he could control by editing
"configuration files", so he wouldn't need to touch the Perl stuff.

He's got people suggesting to him that Perl is falling by the wayside,
and the future of the Web lies in Active Server Pages and Visual Basic. 
Comments, please?

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