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Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Fri Jun 30 01:58:03 CDT 2000

> > Spugster "largest at largest.org" is the current leader of this program, so
> > maybe he can tell us more!
> > 
> > -Tim
> I've been trying to stay on the sidelines on this one, since I'm heavily
> involved in the UW program, and our esteemed SPUG leader runs a different
> (I don't want to say competing) program.  :-)

Don't give that a thought; even if our courses were direct competitors
(which they're not), I'd like you to feel free to voice your opinions
and "tout your tutorials" in this forum!  Although my training business
obviously serves the very kind of people who read this list, I try hard
to avoid exploiting my SPUG soapbox, by keeping my personal business
interests relatively separate from those of SPUG.  And if I get out of
line, I hope somebody will please let me know! 8-}

> Seriously though, I've heard fantastic things about the Consultix courses,
> and Tim is really knowledgeable.  If you're looking for an on-site course,
> or a course which takes place over several full days, talk to Tim right
> away. 

You're absolutely right on all counts! 8-}  Seriously, I don't claim
to be an all-knowing Perl guru; in fact, as I've said many times in public,
the reason I started SPUG was so that the real local gurus could teach *me*
more Perl! (and it has worked, and they know who they are. . .) 

I have made some progress over the two past two decades in learning how
to design effective yet enjoyable training experiences, and I like
meeting and working with my students - so I'm working in my dream job! 8-}

> If you're looking for a once/week Perl learning format over the
> course of an academic year, with quizes and a final project, then the UW
> program is just for you.  Both will be challenging and a lot of fun, and
> you'll learn a lot either way.  I'm going to go out on a limb and say that
> the UW course will give you more in-depth exposure to the topics, but only
> because we have more time in which to do it.
> We try to really emphasize the fundamentals and create projects that build
> on previous knowledge, slowly adding to your programming bag of tricks.
> After the students are well-grounded in the basics, we move into complex
> data structures, OO Perl programming, databases, and CGI programming.  
> The goal by the end of the class is for the students to build a fully
> functioning database-driven website (with customer login, shopping cart,
> employee management, back-end reporting, etc) for Winefred, our fictional

Wine-Fred?  Is that a windoze-emulator joke, or just a variant spelling of
the name Winnifred? 8-}

> veterinarian friend who runs her own animal business.
> Joel

This goal sounds great to me, and is exactly the type of thing that
can only be done when students have a week of homework-time between
lectures, which is fundamentally incompatible with the 8-hours per-day
3-5 days-in-one-week format of my company's Corporate-style classes. 8-(
	Go Joel!

But our style works quite well for the type of individuals who just
need to be shown the path, nudged down it, and warned of the pitfalls
they're likely to encounter along the way, to allow them to complete
the rest of the journey on their own.  Or, to complete just enough
to prepare them for the next class in the sequence.

		TMTOWTDI!	 Vive la difference! 

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