SPUG: Recruiter Survey (Slightly-Off-Topic)

Marty D. Cudmore marty.d.cudmore at boeing.com
Fri Jun 23 12:28:51 CDT 2000

A note of caution when dealing with recruiters and recruitment agencies.

Recruiters are usually very eager to obtain your resume, regardless of your experience or intererst with them.  Keep in mind that these service professionals not only appease their customers by providing them with candidates, but also by supplying them with resumes.  A flow of resumes to a client, often appeases the client and leads them into thinking that their recruiters (retained or other) are actually performing services on their behalf.

Recruitment agencies often hold agreements with their clients that prevent the client from hiring any person directly, once they have received a resume for that person from the recruiter or the recruitment agency.  Normally, there is an expiration on this restriction (usually 1 year or less).

A recruiter/agency should request and receive permission from a candidate prior to submitting them to each and every client.  Often times this is not the case and your resume quickly becomes fodder for the recruiter's many clients.  This has the potential of stifling your ability to seek employment on your own with the same companies as they are under the impression that they must obtain your services through the agency and not directly.

While I haven't suffered any deleterious consequences due to this, I know it exists through persons I know in the industry.

I make it a practice that, when submitting my resume to a recruiter/agency, to include in my email/fax/whatever a disclaimor stating that my resume is for the recuiter/agency's perusal only and that it may not be submitted to any clients, other agencies, or recruiters without my expressed permission.



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