SPUG: yapc::19100 - specifically Damian Conway

Alyssa Harding axhard2 at uswest.com
Wed Jun 21 23:10:38 CDT 2000

Okay, well, since no one else from Seattle spoke up and said they were
here I guess I'll just have to let you all know the lowdown on what I've
seen and heard here.

I went to Damian Conway's session yesterday 'Advanced Object-Oriented
Perl' which he is going to be doing in Seattle in just a few short weeks
through Consultix.  The talk went over the time alotted but I didn't
hear a single person complain - in fact many people I spoke to afterward
were sorry it ended so soon.  

He gave an excellent overview of non-hash-based objects including
arrays, scalars, globs and pseudo-hashes - went over pseudo-hashes in
more detail (which are even easier to do in 5.6 than in 5.005 and IMHO
very cool) and showed gorgeous  examples of encapulation and
Tie:SecureHash using scalars...and many other things which were all
presented in a fun, easy-going way that left you feeling inspired,
motivated and in the mood to play with objects and make them work hard.

If you haven't signed up for this class you should.  I am not the only
one who today, after hearing his talk called 'Quantum Superpositions and
the First Virtue' was just about ready to pack up and go back to college
in Australia.  He will be giving this one for SPUG and I won't spoil the
surprise but you're in for a wild ride!


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