SPUG: Perl Job in Lynnwood, WA

Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Thu Jun 22 20:09:47 CDT 2000

We're looking for a Full Time perl programmer.

Skillset needed:
    Someone beyond the basics, but not necessarily a GURU
    OOP knowledge a plus, but again, not required
    HTML knowledge essential
    DBI/DBD knowledge is essential
    SQL background very helpful.

Contract / Permanent / 1099 ?
    We're looking for someone to work full time, at our
    facility in Lynnwood.  Pay will be based on a lower-range
    base salary, with all "billed hours" paid on top.  Range
    would be $30,000 - $72,000, depending on billing.
    Health benifets included.  Telecommuting, while an option,
    would definitely be our second option.

Type of work we do....
    Our main business is in selling Commercial Perl CGI programs
    (Hyperseek, www.hyperseek.com is our flagship product, but
    we have many, many others, and even more on the way: www.iwebsys.com)
    The programmer we're looking for would be most likely providing
    custom modifications to our existing customers' systems (over 1000)
    and a few completely new, unrelated CGI systems for both
    existing customers, and new clients.  A lot of what we do
    is modifications to existing code, although we're getting more and
    more into reinventing the wheel for some customers.  90% of
    what we do is perl, but very often, an HTML job arises...

Our phone number here, is 425-712-1577, and I welcome any
and all phone calls regarding the position.

John Cokos
  John Cokos, President / CEO: iWeb Inc.
  jcokos at ccs.net

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