SPUG: FW: Job? Contract? Send me a lifeline Regis?

S res03v45 at gte.net
Mon Jun 12 21:33:38 CDT 2000

Hello- I originally posted this to spug@, but apparently that only goes to
Tim Maher.

He suggested I might get better results by actually posting to the group.

The original message follows:

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Subject: Job? Contract? Send me a lifeline Regis?

The only difficult thing about a Majordomo is that I feel like I'm yelling
into a crowd that might find my voice offensive.
For this reason, I offer the following standard disclaimer:

	If I should say anything that suggests my foot is in my mouth, you may
assume that is indeed the case. I apologize.

The reason I am writing is twofold; I am interested in your group on a
personal level, and I also desperately need help with a project I find
myself way, way in over my head.

I bet you never heard that before.

First: I am a student at the UW and will be starting my senior year in the
IS concentration of the Business School; I am also a working professional
with over 15 years of management experience (real meaning: I ain't 20). Is
it appropriate for neophytes to attend your meetings? How does one graduate
to an appropriate level?

Second: I need help with a project-I sense there would be very, very little
work involved (no, really). I am more interested in having someone explain
how I'm screwing up and how I might wend my way out of the mess than just
contracting out the work. I am attempting to implement CGI scripts for
Domain Registration (which I've successfully done) that work in a seamless
fashion with Credit Card processing via Bank of America (this I've NOT
successfully done) such that transactions process to full completion in real

I sense that I'm very, very close; unfortunately, I am unable to discern my
position in the code-forest.

If you have the slightest interest in working through the problem with me,
or even just fixing things so that they work, please e-mail me at

res03v45 at gte.net


scott at domainalchemy.com

Thanks for reading....


PS-I'm not rich, but would probably give a limb or two to make this problem
go away :-)

"Give a person a fish and feed them for a day;
give a person a high-bandwidth connection and
they won't bother you for weeks"

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