SPUG: Perl jobs at The Cobalt Group

Jonathan Souza jsouza at cobaltgroup.com
Fri Jun 2 19:03:31 CDT 2000

I know that they have work orders for both Perl and Java programmers of
various competences.  Here is one of the 'official' job descriptions
taken off of the web site.

UNIX Software Developers Responsible for scripting and
        systems programming for our websites and online UNIX databases.
        Perl or C programming experience and familiarity with the Web,
        HTML, UNIX, CGI scripting are required. Familiarity with Java
        programming for Web applications and experience with UNIX
        databases such as Oracle, a plus. Backgrounds in Object Oriented
        programming & user Interface design are big pluses. BA/BS degree
        required (CS pref).

Sending me your resume allows me to hand it to my boss, bypassing the
'HR Blackhole'.
Jonathan Souza
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