SPUG: retrieving image from form element

marlin marlingreene at mindspring.com
Fri Jul 28 12:08:33 CDT 2000

I'm using a file form element to point to a client side image that 
is sent to a server side Perl script. Here is the HTML...

<FORM ACTION="/cgi-bin/handle_image.pl" METHOD="POST" 
	ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" >
Select an image to send to database...must be .jpg format.<BR><BR>
<INPUT TYPE="file" NAME="image1" ACCEPT="image/gif, image/jpeg"><BR><BR>
<INPUT TYPE="Submit" NAME="submit" VALUE="Send Image">

On the receive side, if I use a typical print keys to see what came
across I can see the data for the image...

foreach $key (keys %in)
	print "$key is $in{$key}<BR>";  #prints image data

However, if I print $in{image1} I get a "document contains no data" error.

Can anyone tell me the correct way to capture the image data and save
it to a file on the server side.

Thanks in advance.

Marlin Greene

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