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B.Ingerson at epixtech.com B.Ingerson at epixtech.com
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I would like to see the DB browser go on the project list as soon as we get
the details of group development ironed out (prolly not a trivial task). In
the mean time, keep it rolling...

A group of us got to talking about your browser at the conference, and
extended it (conceptually) into a tool for autogenerating simple DB apps in
Tk. LlamaCard goes a long way towards making that possible.

LlamaCard was *very* cool. It should be on the CPAN in the next few weeks,
as soon as Damian and Aaron get settled back in Australia.

I hope to see you at the August SPUG.


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> I'll say more next week but for now I'd like to see the ideas keep
> in. Keep in mind for the initial project we should probably pick
> with the following attributes:
> 1) Is a module (not a script or app)
> 2) Finishable in a 1-2 month timeframe.
> 3) Usable on Unix and Win32
> The important thing initially is to get a good infrastructure set up for
> doing this. Then we can take on the world...
> Brian

Makes sense to me ... sounds like the db browser should maybe be a
separate project that some of us may work on, rather than a CPAN
project; it's really an application, rather than a module ...

The LlamaCard module sounds cool!

Bill Graham

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