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BOSS: "Given security issues, is it a good idea to be using PERL for our

> Does anyone have any good advice on how to respond to this?  Keep in
> mind that this guy is my boss :-).

I'm not sure what security concerns he's been misinformed
about but Perl has an enviable reputation for its security
mechanisms.  If you need a published cite:    

   "Practical Unix Security" by S.Garfinkel & Gene Spafford

That's a bit dated I suppose but Perl's taint checking is 
still a safeguard unmatched elsewhere. Forked processes via
magical opens provide a device to isolate dangerous operations. 
The latest perl offers a strategy to foil possible security 
flaws that can occur due to temporary files.  

If that's not enough there's the under utilized Safe module 
which allows you to compile and execute code in restricted 
compartments. Carefully reading the perlsec docs will
reveal more.

Charles DeRykus

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