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Andrew Sweger andy at n2h2.com
Fri Jul 21 05:19:07 CDT 2000

Me and a couple other /E?SPUG/ folks went to the Perl Mongers BOF session.
It was mostly folks looking to figure out how to run a successful Perl
group. Wayne <mumble-mumble> was there (new HFB maintainer), brian d foy
was not. I ended up talking quite a bit about how we run our group. A lot
of folks were very impressed with the size and technical expertise of
/E?SPUG/ and how we operate (and our guest list). Apparently, many other
Monger groups just gather for drinks and never really discuss much Perl.
So, it would seem we have one (uh, two?) kick-ass users group. Nicely
done, folks.

Anyway, I digress (that's what happens when you listen to Damian Conway
talk for eight hours straight). Someone at that meeting suggested we check
out collab.net for project ideas. Apparently, there's an unsponsored
project section. Alas, I do not recall who it was that gave us the idea.
Um, most likely it was Leon from London.pm, maybe. Anyhoo.

But I suspect our group will be brimming with several more brilliant ideas
on its own shortly. There's also a *very* cool project available to us on
the horizon (as in someday). But this isn't the time to go into that
(besides, I think it should be Tim or Brian that spill the beans).

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