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Wed Jul 19 11:28:03 CDT 2000

Hello, all --

I've been lurking for the better part of a year,
although I did post one response to a Linux-related
question a while back.  My name's Bill Graham, and I am
currently primarily a Java developer in my day job, but
use Perl for many things, and have personal projects
ongoing ...

Anyway, I have a project that I'd be willing to move
under the SPUG at cpan auspices, if anyone's interested. 
It's a Perl/TK database browser/query tool using DBI. 
In its current form, once you connect to the database,
you are presented with a tree view of tables, which you
can expand to view columns by clicking on the table.  If
you select columns from one or more tables, you can
click a "Generate Query" button, and a SELECT statement
is created in the query window for all table.columns you
highlighted (you then have to specify the join and any
other filter criteria - possible future enhancement is
to examine foreign keys to try to determine the most
likely join ...).  The query can then be executed &
results displayed, etc.  If you have multiple sql
statements in the query window, you can highlight any
one of them and execute only that statement.  Finally,
I'm working on a routine to create a default data entry
form based on specifying a table name (similar to the
table wizard in Access, but simpler / not as slick). 
Currently, that piece can retrieve all the column names
and construct a form with column name labels and text
entry fields for each.  The code to
query/update/insert/delete/navigate in the form isn't
there yet ...

I've used it with MySQL and Oracle8i, both on Linux.  I
haven't worked on it much in the last couple of months
due to job time constraints.  Anyone interested??

Best Regards,
Bill Graham
360 Powered Corp.

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