SPUG: Meeting Ideas

John Cokos jcokos at ccs.net
Mon Jul 17 16:06:47 CDT 2000

 First, let me quickly introduce myself.... John Cokos, iWeb Systems.
 We made our first SPUG meeting last week when Mr Conway was in
 town.  We are a 3 year old Internet (commercial CGI) company
 that very recently relocated to Seattle/Lynnwood.  Plan on having
 us at every meeting from this point forward.
 On to the topic at hand:
 Why not some meetings / topics on more practical perl?
 Seems to me, from looking at your past meeting notes, and
 from the general banter that a lot of heavy duty/guru type
 of things are being tossed around.  Why not break down to
 more of a street level, hands dirty, getting the job done topic
 set?  Watching the mini thread this week on the mapping of
 multiple lines into a hash was interesting, educational, and
 drives home the point elegantly that perl gives you a thousand
 ways to skin a cat.  I think we could get a lot out of stringing
 up some kittys at the meetings, skinning them a bunch of different
 ways, and exploring multiple solutions to REAL WORLD issues.
 While the conway lectures were extrememly educational, how many
 of us will truly use these in day to day work?  I'd guess quite
 few..... but tearing apart existing code/problems, and comming
 up, jointly, with slick/efficient workarounds will, I think,
 prove to be more useful to more of us, and in solving the
 issue(s) at hand, you'll not only see the answer to that problem,
 but probably ways to solve other related things as well.
 I'd hate to see SPUG go too "guru".  It can be intimidating
 to beginner-intermediate perl users, and I suspect a good reason
 why attendance may not be where you want it to be.
  John Cokos, President / CEO: iWeb Inc.
  jcokos at ccs.net

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